Who Says Time Cannot Be Stolen?

Few days ago, I was in a newly opened Japanese restaurant with my dearest friends. The environment was awe-inspiring. Wood, glass, and metal architecture plays with the imagination of whoever looks at them. With this stunning interior design one can never notice that something has been secretly stolen away from him – his “time”.

I didn’t say eating at a restaurant is a waste of time.

I didn’t say staring at something magnificent and breathtaking is a waste of time.

I say that in every action we do, whether good or bad, time is being taken a way from us. No exception. No special treatment. No reservation – rich or poor, toddler or adult, man or woman – we all have the same fair share of time.

The corpse of a man who died in the street because he clocked out already. (Screen-grabbed from the movie “In Time”)

There was a blockbuster movie before in 2011, “In Time”, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. I’ve watched this movie for like 7 times! The concept is simple yet it relates to the socio-economic standing of the world today where we buy things we need in exchange of our lives. We get paid at work with time.

Time is life. Time is money. Time is power. When you run out of it, you clock out. You die.

I remember Mr. Wise, who has a million lifetime to live, in this movie saying that “…in order for the few to become immortal, many have to die”. This emphasizes POWER. Lo and behold! It is happening now. Modern media controls our time by stirring up our addiction urge to watch more movies and TV programs. Some are educational. Some are sensual. Some are just non-sense. The producers and TV networks get richer. You…. got stuck in your couch!

There is a saying that “the greatest gift you can give to a person is your time. Because when you do, you also give a portion of your life that can never be taken back”. This accentuates LIFE. Nobody knows the time of his death and this is a biblical truth. If then so, how dare we neglect the value of our loved ones’ life? We give our moms a bouquet of flowers only during Mother’s day. And that is insane because mother’s day happens only once a year. We have a lifetime to give a piece of rose to her and see those immeasurable smiles from her face. Let us not wait for the time we offer her a bundle of lilies in her deathbed and expect her to appreciate it.

You strolled around the mall without the intent of acquiring something. You got tricked by a fraudulent insurance officer to avail of a one-year accidental health benefit. You are in your 20’s with a perfect health condition. Of course you are a target according to their statistics that in your age bracket you are “less likely” to die soon so you won’t be able to encash the insurance yet! The time you spent walking around the mall could have been used productively to create your own wealth. Indeed, time is MONEY.

Now who says time cannot be stolen? In all forms, it is possible.

Make use of it in your advantage. Invest on it in a safe basket. Time could be taken away from you, for instance, but who cares? You are doing something so productive that it might change the entire course of your lifetime forever!