What’s Between the Brain and the Heart?

I’m not gonna talk about human anatomy. That’s not my expertise. I’d rather compute the square of the distance between them, or the derivative of the heart beat with respect to human age. Anyway that wouldn’t help for now. What’s important to tackle is that “something” in between the two most important parts of the body that can either kill or build a person, a relationship, an event, or an institution. That’s how powerful it is – and yes, it’s the MOUTH.

In my own engineering definition, mouth is the transducer of the varying electromagnetic waves produced by the differential output of the brain and the heart – depending on whichever is of greater value, mirrored by conscience, and amplified by motive. Now read it again, ‘coz I believe you didn’t get it at first sight. 🙂  Below is the “The 10 Most Destructive Phrases You Could Say To Attract Negative Forces”:

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Photo Credit: Forbes

1. “You’re so slow… didn’t you get it?”

Who are we to judge other people how fast their logical thinking is, when we even don’t know how “slow” we are in realizing how much embarrassment we caused them in front of the public? Most of the time we are so much sensitive when we are aggravated, and yet “insensitive” in causing pain to others. The bottom line is, we are the ones who are “slow” after we said those words. In this fight we are the losers.

2. “I’m not interested…”

Don’t be confined in the box of things you already knew. You could have learned more if only you would open your mind to new and fresh ideas and innovation. Even Nostradamus, the great fortune-teller who predicted the 9-11 Twin Tower bombing, admits that he doesn’t know everything yet – not even the end of the world. So you are.

3. “It’s Monday again!!! >.<”

It’s a fact. 85% of the employees around the globe hate this day because they say that it’s not a good vibe to start the week with the office stress. Hey, first of all Monday is not the first day of the week. It’s Sunday. Moreover, if Monday is the second day of the week then by logical deduction Sunday should have been the most stress-causing day. And it’s true, on Sunday you go to mall, you go to bar, you spend all your money and energy… therefore Monday didn’t stress you, you put stress on yourself!

4. “Mind your own business…”

Many of us are career-oriented and it goes to say that these people are the ones who have a strong and dominating personality. There’s nothing wrong about it unless we fail to recognize that “no man is an island”… and that we need connections.

5. “I don’t have money… when is the next payroll?”

I am personally guilty of this. But not now. I have learned the difference between money and wealth. Having money doesn’t mean you’re wealthy. You only become wealthy if you let your money work hard for you instead of you working so hard for it that it caused you your family, social life, and love life! Stop being a “spender”, be more than a “saver”… be an “investor”. To learn more, watch J3 Patino’s videos on these links!

6. “This is impossible…”

Please be reminded that those impossible things are those that are not turned into reality yet. Am I correct then, to argue that everything is possible? Just “possible”? That anything you ever imagine has a possibility? A possibility to come true or a possibility that it is just “possible”? Anyway, it will always be possible.

7. “I’m better than him…”

If you’re always like this, I recommend you to read the most influential poem of the 1990’s – Desiderata. One line says there, “…for always there will be a person greater than you.” Besides, the bible tells us to always think of others better than ourselves. That doesn’t mean you should pity yourself and feel inferior against anybody else. It means the other way around – let’s always stay humble.

8. “This life is stupid…”

No. Life is not stupid. It has a lot to offer – more than the stupidity of the people who think life is more stupid than them. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll see the world is bigger – bigger than all of us.

9. “Yeah. I know it, I know it…”

You don’t know everything. Be open to suggestions. Welcome comments. Accommodate criticisms. Learn how to apply them if needed. Nobody wants to talk to a person who knows it all!

10. “It’s not my fault… it’s his, it’s his!”

Stop pointing fingers. Look at yourself first. Remember than when you point a finger of blame to your neighbor, the other three fingers in your fist are pointed at you.

Our mouth is located between the heart and the brain. Maybe God designed it that way for us to think first of the words we are to say using the brain; and discern wisely how to say it using our heart.

Today’s post is written in response to Ten prompt challenge of The Daily Post.