Time: Redefined

We do not live forever. God is timeless, we are not. Mankind defines time as something that begins and ends. Therefore, we cannot quantify or objectify otherwise the beginning and end of God. In short, we are not God to think that we’ll live forever.

Martin Luther, live, forever


The bible says this is a prayer of Moses, while scholars claim that there are no accounts to prove that he does and it belongs to David. Moses or David alike, this prayer proves to be powerful as it shows humility towards God and the full submission to His authority. Let us pray this way!

Psalms 90, teach, number, day, gain, wisdom, time, time management


We ask God to teach us. Yet when He gives detailed instructions, we do not follow it. We only say this in prayer sometimes and never really follow God’s response. Action speaks louder than words.

time, time management, teach


Not all things are worth your effort, time, and money. Let us re-evaluate the things that really matter the most. Not everything counts. Not all arguments need to be won. Not all people have to be friends with you.

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The sun and the moon were created to tell us that a day is about to begin and about to end after 12 hours or so. The word “day” is so powerful it reminds us to put everything in place before we lay our physical bodies to rest.

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No. Believe me. You. Don’t. Have. It. All. We learn everyday. A day that passed away without learning anything is a day you wasted right in front of God.

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Wisdom is the application of knowledge. You can be forever knowledgeable but not wise. You cannot be a wise christian without having to know a single verse in the bible. What can you apply if you have zero knowledge of it?

time, time management, wisdom, knowledge


In reference to myself, time is always being SPENT. Wasted or invested, this is subjective to the spender.

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You are one of the consumers of others’ time. Thus, when you came late to an appointment, you never wasted your time, you wasted OTHERS’ time while waiting for you.

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Time is God’s precious gift to humanity. Nothing is yours. You waste it, you are throwing away blessings from above. You keep spending this on dwelling into sins that you know are not helping you invest your God-given time properly, you become nothing but a dead piece of log in a vast furious ocean.

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The knowledge of men about time is limited because it has beginning and an end. This doesn’t work in the heavenly realm. Although God said that He is the Alpha and Omega, men never had witnessed the moment God appeared and will never witness his disappearance. Because God himself is the definition of time.

time, time management, ecclesiastes 3, beginning, end, alpha, omega

Today’s post is written in response to the Timely daily prompt challenge of The Daily Post.