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Born on September 6, here are the 6 words to summarize me:

Engineer | Writer | Musician | Artist | Nature Lover

Hi guys! I am Edneil Jocusol, 25 years old, single, not looking for a girlfriend but looking for a lifetime partner. 🙂

Am a little bit of a techy nerd, an open-minded liberal, and a traditionalist confined in this mortal gorgeous body of mine (that was a joke)! I was a full scholar of the richest man in the Philippines – Mr. Henry Sy – for 4.5 excruciating years while maintaining a minimum GPA to retain that privilege.

During college days, I also became the first editor-in-chief of the first issue of the Asia Pacific College’s official newsletter. I considered that a remarkable and phenomenal achievement, though.

Currently, I live here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia working as a technical support engineer specializing in Automation and Control of electro-pneumatic equipment and systems. Why did I choose this career? Oh well, they said there’s plenty of cash in here. THEY SAID.

I had been involved in a Christian church ministry since I was 12 years old. I started as a bass guitarist in the music team. Eventually, I simultaneously learned to play keyboard, rhythm guitars, back-up vocals, and as a worship leader. Since my passion for music became uncontainable, I began to discover my gift for teaching and exhortation. So our head pastor appointed me as the youth president of our local community church for 4 years then. I also tried teaching kids during Sunday schools but it just didn’t last long.

Aside from my church commitments, I also joined a non-profit Christian chorale group in 2011 named “His Sounds”. This group is comprised of a diverse class of people from different churches, ages, and profession singing together to spread the gospel through songs. We’ve been to Malaysia and Singapore as we ministered to people everywhere – mental hospital, streets, and home for the aged, to name some.

I created this blog to inspire people all over the world what it feels like to have Christ in your life, and that we should use this life to be productive everyday. It doesn’t intend to debate or to destroy any religions. In fact, I am not endorsing any religions, because religion cannot save us. We all need God – the most powerful force that cannot be examined, explained, or extracted. He is who He is.

I want you all to know that despite of all the negative vibes we feel all around us, there is this capsule we have to take each day to make us stronger and see life in a brighter side. All my life, talents, and skills I offer to HIM. And as He called me to use my skills in writing to tell the world of His love, mercy, and grace, this blog will live for as long as it takes.

It’s a beautiful day wherever you are. Please keep in touch if you need someone to talk to.

I know. Life can be cruel and unpredictable at times.

Just type in your details below and let’s see what I can help you with. Cheer up!