10 Reasons Why You Should Climb Mt. Batolusong with Your Cousins

Let’s face it. Most of us would rather choose to be with our friends outside than to bond with our own blood – our cousins, for instance. I didn’t say having a big circle of friend is not advisable. It’s just that, as we grow older we  will soon realize that blood is thicker than water.

December 16-17: A month ago, I went on a vacation in the Philippines. I told myself this is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to bond with my loved ones that’s why I have to maximize my itinerary. So I invited most of my cousins to go on a hike with me in Mt. Batolusong at Tanay, Rizal.

As horrible as it may sound, in the previous years we only had family reunions whenever someone from the clan died. I know it’s so heartbreaking to hear. Times have changed now. We have to break this cycle. We learned through the years that meet-ups don’t have to be about mourning in tears, it can also be laughing along the trails of the mountain while it rains! 🙂

I’m glad that 17 of my cousins went on this crazy adventure with me. Most of them don’t have any experience in hiking. But who cares? We didn’t rush to reach the top because that is not mountaineering is all about. It’s about the love for nature and the camaraderie with your fellow hikers. To our surprise though, one of my cousins even brought with him his 9-year old son who was twice as strong as we are! For the transportation, we opted to rent a private van for safety and comfort since we have kids with us and we were to travel the road by 11 pm. We didn’t stay overnight on the mountain because all of us have prior commitments the following day.


Major Jumpoff: Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal
LLA: 645 MASL / 780 MASL (MASL= meters above sea level)
Days required / Hours to destination: 1 day /1.5h (Mapatag); 3-4 (Susong Dalaga Peak)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3


Van = Php 5,500 (Cavite-Manila-Rizal-Manila-Cavite)
Guide Fee = Php 2,000 (5 persons, 1 guide)
Registration Fee = Php 720 (Php 40 x 18 pax)
Driver’s Meal = Php 150
Parking Fee = Php 50
Food = Php 1,800 (Php 100 x 18 pax)

TOTAL: Php 10,220 (Php 567 each)

ITINERARY (Day Hike Only)

Dec.16, 2016, Friday

22:00 Puregold Tanza, meet up (Van pick-up for Cavite residents)

Dec. 17, 2016 Saturday

00:15 Farmer’s Mall Cubao, Quezon City (van pick-up for Manila residents)
02:00 ETA, KM.51, Marcos Highway
02:15 ETA, Mt. Batolusong Jumpoff (short break, get some snack)
03:00 Prayer / Start Trekking
05:00 ETA Rangyas Peak (wait for sunrise and possible sea of clouds)
06:00 Summit/ Photo ops
07:00 Ascend to Kay-Ibon falls
08:00 ETA Kay-Ibon falls (breakfast/swimming time)
09:30 Take a bath to locals’ house (descend going to Highway)
11:00 Highway (Go back to jump off via van)
11:30 Jump-off/ tidy up/ lunch
12:00 Going home
14:00 Cubao (Manila residents bid goodbye 🙁 )
16:00 Tanza, Cavite (Home Sweet Home!)


  • Backpack / raincover-optional (waterproof your things ‘coz weather is unpredictable)
  • Hiking shoes / Rubber shoes plus optional slippers / sandals
  • Trekking pants / light pants / shorts
  • Thermal/cotton/wool undershirt
  • Long-sleeved trekking shirt
  • Windbreaker / sweater / jacket
  • Poncho / disposable raincoat (you can get this from Ace Hardware for only Php 30)
  • Extra shirts / shorts
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Trailfoods (e.g. jelly ace, suman, sandwich, cookies, etc.)
  • Cook set (for coffee and light meals)
  • Drinking water (at least 2 liters per person)
  • Headlight or flash light (for night trek)
  • Sheet / tarpaulin / big garbage bag (for those who’d like to lie down for a while)

Now that you got a glimpse of what Mt. Batolusong is and the necessary preparations you have to do, I’m  gonna tell you why I love this hike with my cousins… and why you too, should try it:


1. You will have an experience of drinking your coffee in the middle of a vast mountain – talking not about business, or studies, or future plans – but about a thing that really doesn’t make sense, yet you all get cracked up to laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

family, mountain, batolusong


2. After 18 years, you will meet your cousin who you think is clumsy but now has a girlfriend and you are still single – (got a clue on my age? 🙂 ) Yeah right! way back in our kindergarten days, we both go to school every morning, do our assignments, bully each other, and tally a record of whoever gets most of the wins. Turned out in the aspect of love life, I am the one left behind! LOL

family, mountain, batolusong


3. This is the sweet revenge time! You’ll take off your shirt before plunging into Kay-Ibon waterfalls and tell everyone, “Hey guys, I got a chest and a 6-pack now!” – when you were on your elementary days, your cousins were teasing you for being so thin and lame. Sometimes they might call you names you really hate. So instead of doing the same to them, you’ll just hit the gym and eat the right diet… and wait for this opportunity to tell them “so, who looks weak now? Hahaha”.

family, mountain, batolusong


4. You’ll be singing a birthday song to one of your cousin’s daughter because she wants to celebrate her special day in the mountain – social media has shown us a lot of important events a mountain has witnessed so far such as wedding proposals and photo shoots. So why not try to celebrate your birthday here for a change? But make sure not to leave any trash in the mountain! Remember the golden rule in mountain climbing? – “Leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but photographs!” 

family, mountain, batolusong


5. You will appreciate the beauty of a simple life and learn to count your blessings more than your failures –  the house to our left side is  where the farmer of this rice field and his family  live. I think they are more privileged than most of us who live and thrive in the city – breathing in all the noise and air pollution everywhere.family, mountain, batolusong


6. Despite the rain and the cold wind, you will enjoy a “real-talk” conversation with the “real people” –  it’s rare to engage into conversations with real people nowadays. Most of the time, you’ll hear some words full of sugar-coating that you can’t even differentiate lies with propagandas. When you get to meet your cousins in the mountain, you’ll have the chance to know them more and observe their habits, behavior, expressions, and mannerisms.

family, mountain, batolusong


7. Finally, someone will “patiently” take an epic photo of you, so good you can replace your selfies with it – it’s frustrating sometimes when you get home after a great adventure and the pictures you’ve got are only repetitive selfie shots and blurred angles taken by a random photographer buddy on a rush! Well, not if you have your close relatives with you!

family, mountain, batolusong


8. You’ll conquer your fear of heights in no time because you’ll feel shy of your big bros seeing you tremble like that – who wants to be called a fainthearted drama queen, right? 🙂 Oh no! Behind me is one of my bully cousins who would tell me that I move like a lady when I was a kid. I gotta prove him wrong dude. Yeah! The strong winds made my knees trembling but no. He shouldn’t see this!

family, mountain, batolusong


9. You’ll get one of these “unlimited” take-5 breaks because they, too, need it badly – I had an experience hiking with professional mountain climbers and believe me, they wouldn’t spoil you for taking too much breaks in-between short intervals! Not with my cousins. As far as I remember, we had 10 five-minute breaks within an hour which is usually 4 only! 🙂

family, mountain, batolusong


10. Lastly, the smile you see in your brother’s face makes you feel relieved as well because you had given him a gift which money can’t buy – and yes, this is called the gift of memories. Last time I left home to work in Saudi Arabia, he asked me to bring him with me in climbs like this because he is not a kid anymore. So I fulfilled that promise.

family, mountain, batolusong


We all have the time in the world to spend our days with our workmates and with random people in our community and neighborhood. But let us not forget those people who we grew up with and spent our childhood days with. Sometimes, we tend to forget the value of our cousins which in fact can be the best friends we were looking for a long time.

Today’s post is written in response to Make Me Smile prompt challenge of The Daily Post.